NEW Rayza RX552 glove developed in partnership with UK construction

We are delighted to introduce the new RAYZA RX552, it’s development tells a unique story of innovation and partnership within the UK construction industry.

At STALSEN, we strongly believe in partnerships, prevention and people. We work with customers to uncover the specific causes of hand injuries, and these insights help us to develop gloves and educational campaigns, that aim to make hand injuries history.

We worked closely with some top UK construction companies to uncover the common causes of hand injuries; our key insights helped us to develop the Rayza RX552, a remarkable piece of engineering.

By fully understanding their challenges and utilising the very latest textile yarns and manufacturing technologies, we developed an ultra-lightweight glove with an outstanding mechanical performance of cut index E and touchscreen compatibility.

Kieran Tydeman, Stalsen MD says ‘this is a great example of where we work with our customers to understand the cause of hand injuries and give them the best glove possible for the job. We are proud of this piece of engineering, a careful balance between having high cut resistance whilst maintaining unrivalled dexterity.’

To find out more information and request a sample, view the Rayza RX552 product page and datasheet here.

Or get in touch with Stalsen on: +44 (0) 203 5000 723

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