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Rayza RX552


The Rayza RX552 is an innovative glove which combines a high level of cut resistance with touchscreen compatibility.

By utilising the very latest textile yarns and manufacturing technologies, we developed an ultra-lightweight glove with an outstanding mechanical performance of cut index E and touchscreen compatibility. So, there is no need to remove gloves to operate devices with touchscreen.

Code: RX552


Available Sizes

6/XS – 11/XXL


10 pairs/pack – 10 packs/case


HPPE Lining, Polyurethane Palm Coating

Qty :
  • High quality cut resistant liner with outstanding mechanical performance..
  • Ultra lightweight liner provides comfort and dexterity.
  • Touch screen compatibility.
  • Unique polyurethane coating provides excellent
  • Ideal for working in dry or slightly oily conditions.



EN388:2016-Mechanical Hazards
Protection against mechanical hazards in respect of physical and mechanical stress caused by abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture. The table below indicates the glove’s resistance to:

4 = Abrasion (Performance Index 1-4)
X = Blade Cut* (Performance Index 1-5)
4 = Tear (Performance Index 1-4)
2 = Puncture (Performance Index 1-4)
E = Cut (EN ISO 13997) (Rating A-F)

Where 1 indicates the lowest performance. X that the test was not performed or not possible. A 0 rating indicates that during the test level 1 was not reached.


*Gloves should not be used when working with serrated blades

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