Touchscreen + Cut Resistance

The use of smart devices such as phones and tablets are part of our everyday life and are used in most work environments worldwide to increase productivity, efficiency, and communication. In 2020, we worked alongside a major UK construction company to help us understand what impact this was having on hand injuries.

What we found was that hand injuries were increasing and could be directly linked to the use of smart devices. Why? Because their gloves were not touchscreen compatible. To enable their touchscreens to work, they must remove their gloves and crucially, they were not putting them back on again before beginning work in areas with high cut and injury risks. This was leading to a significant number of serious hand injuries.


Our solution at STALSEN was to create a range of gloves that feel like a second skin, combining touchscreen compatibility with cut resistance and therefore eliminating the need to remove gloves onsite to use touchscreen smart devices.

We are kicking off our new range with the Rayza RX552, click here to read more about the glove.  








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