The hand protection challenge

Despite years of increased attention given over to effective health and safety practices and the wide choice of protective gloves available hand injuries continue to account for the majority of all injuries reported at work. They have remained at similar levels over a number of years across Europe and globally showing no sign of decline and represent a major challenge to health & safety professionals across Europe; why is this?

  • Many hand injuries may be down to unsafe or dangerous work practices.
  • Finding precisely the right glove for the specific situation is difficult when the range of gloves available is so extensive.
  • Management need the focus and support to understand the severity of the need and the financial implications of any change.
  • And hand protection is personal. Gloves are not just equipment required to do a job – they must meet the needs of individuals, not just for safety but for comfort and functionality too, so that they can do their job effectively. Protective gloves need to be adopted as part of day-to-day life in the workplace.

Management and business owners understand the need for effective protection but the problem persists.

It persists because finding a glove that is truly ‘fit for purpose’ for any single activity amongst the wide choice available is a safety management ‘nightmare’.

The Stalsen guide to effective hand protection programmes is being prepared to help health & safety professionals navigate the issues to be confronted in their business. In the guide we use our 25 years of industry hand safety experience to identify the 5 key steps to effective hand protection, summarising the safety standards relating to hand protection and providing an overview of the workplace glove options available.

This unique health and safety resource will be available to download soon. To pre-order your copy or discuss the specific challenge within your business contact the Stalsen team.

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