Is this the most comfortable disposable glove ever?

Polychloroprene is a synthetic material with a molecular structure closely mirroring Natural Rubber Latex providing the comfort and feel of Latex and the barrier and strength of Nitrile. Sometimes called by a brand name – Neoprene – Polychloroprene is the material of choice where comfort, strength and excellent barrier protection is required, so we’ve created the Stalchem ST880. The Stalchem ST880 is a Polychloroprene powder-free disposable glove offering maximum comfort, increased strength, improved chemical resistance and allergy prevention all in one glove.

Comfort and fit

Simply put, the Stalchem ST880, is one of the most comfortable chemical resistant gloves you can wear. Perfect for extended wear, the Stalchem offers unique and clear advantages over gloves produced with either Natural Rubber or Nitrile. The enhanced comfort of Polychloroprene can be found in its lower modulus when compared to Nitrile. The lower the modulus the softer, more elastic the glove, allowing for a snug, yet extremely comfortable fit that can improve performance, increase dexterity and reduce hand fatigue.

Strength and Durability

You rely on gloves for maximum safety even under extreme stress. Two tests performed to indicate gloves overall strength are tensile strength and elongation. Tensile strength indicates the amount of force, in pounds per square inch, a glove can be stretched to its breaking point, while elongation measures how far a glove stretches before it breaks, expressed as a percentage. The higher the number the greater the strength, stretch ability and overall glove performance. Polychloroprene, due to its similar molecular structure to Natural Rubber, exceeds Nitrile elongation and is just marginally lower than Natural Rubber, a material known for its superior elasticity.

Barrier Resistance

Polychloroprene’s unique properties provide superior barrier resistance in a wide variety of applications and end-uses. For this reason, Polychloroprene is the choice in disposable gloves for environments where users are exposed to toxic chemicals, corrosive materials, abrasive substances and potentially infectious fluids such as blood. These benefits are supported by independent laboratory testing to EN and ASTM standards for chemical and chemotherapy permeation in many of our gloves.

When the important factors for glove choice are considered, Polychloroprene offers greater performance over Nitrile and is equal to or exceeds the desirable properties of Natural Rubber Latex without the concerns of latex allergy.

If you need extra protection against a variety of chemicals or looking for a more comfortable alternative, Polychloroprene gloves like the Stalchem ST880 are the right choice.

Industrial uses

The Stalchem stands up to the rigorous demands of the industrial markets where durability and strength are paramount including:

  • Pharmaceutical, Electronic and Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Food Handling and Processing
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Safety
  • Maintenance/Janitorial
  • Chemical Protection (incidental contact)
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