Silicone Free + Cut Resistance

Working closely with our customers, we have discovered silicone contamination can be a real quality-killer, disrupting many assembly processes across manufacturing plants such as soldering, adhesive bonding, coating, and painting. 

Silicone particles transfer via touch extremely easily.  This is why protective gloves could be a serious offender in introducing silicone into the manufacturing environment.

Take a look at the video below demonstrating how just a very small percentage content of silicone in a glove coating formulation can have such a potentially devastating impact.

Contamination defects cost money.  At the very least, contamination means costly additional labour for time-consuming repair and re-work.  In more extreme cases when contamination is really bad, whole panels may have to be scrapped, not to mention the financial impact of stopping the line.  Additionally, where the source of contamination is not always obvious, more time gets taken up in root cause investigations.

One study has shown, the hidden cost of silicone contamination disrupting the assembly line can be as high as £6,300/minute.

We’ve been listening loudly.  We know the traces of silicone contamination costs organisations time, money and effort.  That is why we developed a solution for the manufacturing sector, helping organisations to root out and eliminate any introduction of silicone into the manufacturing process.  

We are launching a new range of silicone free polyurethane coated gloves to the STALSEN portfolio over the next few months.  

By selecting the right glove, it will give you the peace of mind that there is zero risk of contamination.







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