The story behind the Rayza RX565


At STALSEN, we always start with the challenge, not with the glove, and the Rayza RX565 is no exception.  This highly engineering glove was developed in close partnership with a large automotive manufacturing plant in Europe to overcome some big challenges they were having in hand protection, resulting in frequent hand injuries.

The working environment posed significant levels of cut risk, wet and oily conditions due to the coolant and a requirement for high levels of grip.  The historic solution in the factory meant that the wearers were ‘double gloving’ – wearing a cut resistant glove that is designed for dry work over a disposable nitrile glove for liquid resistance.

Not only were the liquids and oils permeating the glove causing dermatological issues, but more importantly, when a ‘dry work’ cut resistant glove is in contact with oil, the performance of the cut resistant yarns is significantly reduced and the overall level of cut resistance drop by 2 or more levels, hence the frequent hand injuries. 

The Rayza RX565 was developed as a three-layer solution, combining high levels of cut protection, liquid resistance, and an outstanding oil barrier, along with excellent dexterity and grip.

We provided a seamless roll-out programme, and we are very proud to reveal that since the implementation, the site has reported zero hand injuries over a six month period, against a previous record of numerous hand injuries on a weekly basis.

To find out more information, view the Rayza RX565 product page and data sheet here, or to speak to a hand protection specialist, contact STALSEN directly on: +44 (0) 203 5000 723.



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