Rayza RX432

New Rayza RX432 Lightweight Cut Level 4 Polyurethane Coated Glove

Hand protection manufacturers STALSEN are excited to introduce the new Rayza RX432 cut resistant glove. 

The Rayza RX432 has an ultra-lightweight cut resistant liner, providing the best levels of flexibility and touch sensitivity for the wearer. The composition of the polyurethane coating enhances the dexterity of the glove.  

To improve wearer comfort, the glove lining is produced using high performing Japanese yarns that deliver high levels of cut resistance together with outstanding levels of wearer comfort and functionality consistently with every pair of gloves.

The Rayza RX432 performs to EN388:2016 cut resistance level 4 and has an index level of ‘B’ for the ISO 13997 blade cut standard. 

Facts Rayza RX432

The combination of dexterity and cut resistance that the Rayza RX432 offers makes it the perfect glove for many activities across different industries. They will typically be used in areas where materials are present with sharp edging that requires high levels of cut resistance but optimum levels of dexterity and flexibility are critical for the glove wearers. Some of the industries that this glove is suited for are:

• Manufacturing

• Mechanical and Electrical

• Structural steel

• Construction

• Automotive

• Recycling

To Find more information and request a sample, view the Rayza RX432 product page and datasheet click here. Or get in touch with STALSEN on: +44 (0) 203 5000 723





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