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Stalsen Hand Protection Programme

From understanding your requirements, conducting trials, building internal approval, to guiding your people through change, a successful hand protection programme is a considerable undertaking. That is why, at Stalsen, we deliver a more efficient and effective alternative.

Up to 40% of all workplace accidents involve injuries to the hands

Injuries to the hand are one of the most common (and most expensive) workplace injuries. In the EU 31.5% of workplace accidents were classed as wounds/superficial injuries; and the majority of these would have been to the hands. Numerous studies report that specifying and wearing effective hand protection can reduce hand injuries by up to 70%. The Stalsen goal is zero hand injuries.

40% of hand injuries are cuts or punctures

70% of hand injuries are caused by workers not wearing the correct safety gloves.

21% of workers report that safety gloves are not comfortable.

21% of workers cite the failure of management to educate workers in the use of the gloves.

Innovative & effective solutions

Studies indicate that many workers are not wearing effective hand protection because they are not fit for purpose (significantly impairing their ability to carry our their job). Gloves can be described by workers as uncomfortable, impairing dexterity while working, retaining too much heat, or lacking sufficient grip. If gloves are not being worn then they are providing zero protection. To address this Stalsen develop and specify innovative hand protection that delivers in 3 key areas:


Appropriate and specified levels of protection


Maximum levels of comfort for the wearer

Cost efficiency

Optimum level of cost efficiency for the organisation

The hand protection business case

In many environments hand protection is one of the largest areas of non-production consumable expenditure; and it will almost always be a significant percentage of the total expenditure on Personal Protection Equipment. For an area with such a considerable expenditure the majority of organisations should be seeing a very measurable and direct return on their investment.

However, incorrect hand protection, ineffective management controls and minimal employee education mean that many organistions are failing to achieve this return – a significant reduction in hand injuries.

Working towards zero hand injuries

As experienced global hand protection experts, we have helped organisations of all sizes, and across a wide range of industries, reduce hand injuries. Working through each key stage of our unique hand protection programme, we identify the right protection and help embed it within your organistion.

1. Understanding requirements

Comprehensive site survey to understand your business, your processes, and your needs in-depth. From this we work with you to develop a detailed product specification.

2. Extensive trials

We support your organisation in setting up extensive trials, then work with management and end-users to confirm the appropriate hand protection for your organisation.

3. Gaining approval

Support for internal approval from preparing corporate proposals to a detailed plan for stock implementation.

4. Training & Education

Traning and education of the workforce including toolbox talk sessions, resources, and educational material to ensure a smooth cultural change

5. Ongoing assessment

Regular reviews and analysis of the hand protection performance, measuring the reduction in hand injuries or development of the glove specification if required.

For more information about how you can develop and implement a hand programme to reduce hand injuries in your organistion, watch out for our informative and practical guide: The key steps to effective hand protection. Available soon.

Our glove range

From Magma heat resistant gloves and Grafta general handling to and our class-leading Rayza cut resistant gloves; Stalsen manufacturer a innovative range of hand and arm protection, utilising the latest natural and synthetic textiles. Our ongoing research and development programme ensures we stay at the forefront of materials and manufacturing technology; creating hand protection products (and programmes) that exceed the performance requirements of our customers and end-users. To view the Stalsen range; including chemical protection, disposable and oil resistant gloves, click on the titles below.