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STALMax ST850 Premium powder-free nitrile glove


The Stalsen STALMax powder free nitrile glove is one of the strongest industrial disposable gloves on the market.

Outperforming virtually all its peers, the Stalsen STALMax is a premium grade nitrile glove offering outstanding mechanical resistance along with chemical splash protection to EN 374.

Truly one of the highest quality nitrile disposable gloves available, with a fully textured surface for enhanced grip and exceptional tensile strength and puncture resistance that are virtually unrivalled. Totally latex free, with a low modulus ‘soft finish’ for a more elastic, snug fit that improves comfort, dexterity and sensitivity.

Code: ST850


Available Sizes

6/XS – 11/XXL





Glove Length


Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)


Tensile Strength


Ultimate Elongation


Qty :
  • Exceptional mechanical strength
  • Superior nitrile formulation
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Extremely low modulus with ‘soft finish’ technology
  • Textured grip pattern for enhanced grip
  • Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, fats and solvents
  • Good chemical splash resistance
  • Beaded cuff to prevent liquid roll-off
  • Ambedexterous
  • Free of latex proteins
  • Certified for food handling


EN374-2:2003-Low Chemical Resistance
The ‘Low Chemical resistant’ or ‘Waterproof ’glove pictogram is to be used for those gloves that do not achieve a breakthrough time of at least 30 minutes against at least three chemicals from the defined list, but which comply with the Penetration test.


EN374-2:2003-Micro Organism Risks
The ‘micro-organism’ pictogram is to be used when the glove conforms to at least a performance level 2 for the Penetration test.

Suitable for Food Handling

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