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STALChem ST880 Polychloroprene powder-free disposable glove


A unique product offering maximum comfort, increased strength, improved chemical resistance and allergy prevention all in one glove.

The STALChem powder-free disposable gloves are manufactured using a unique proprietary neoprene formulation with a molecular structure closely mirroring natural rubber latex. The snug, elastic fit offered by STALChem easily exceeds the comfort of any other synthetic glove, increasing dexterity and sensitivity whilst reducing wearer fatigue. Ideal for extended wear applications, the STALChem offers an unparalleled combination of protection against a broad spectrum of acids, bases and alcohols, along with a high breaking point and excellent puncture resistance.

Code: ST880


Available Sizes

7/S – 10/XL





Glove Length


Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)


Tensile Strength


Ultimate Elongation


Qty :
  • Most comfortable industrial synthetic disposable glove available
  • Beaded cuff for secure pull-on and prevention of liquid run-off
  • Snug, elastic fit for all-day comfort
  • High puncture and break resistance
  • Low modulus formulation for maximum stretch
  • Increased chemical resistance to acids, bases and alcohols
  • Class-leading comfort
  • Viral Permeation tested to ASTM F 1671
  • Blood Permeation tested to ASTM F 1670
  • Internal Polyurethane coated for easy donning
  • Latex free formulation for prevention of Type I allergies
  • Inspected to AQL 1.5 for pinholes
  • Suitable for medical applications
  • Textured at fingertips for enhanced wet and dry grip


Low Chemical Resistance
The ‘Low Chemical resistant’ or ‘Waterproof’ glove pictogram is to be used for those gloves that do not achieve a breakthrough time of at least 30 minutes against at least three chemicals from the defined list, but which comply with the Penetration test.


Micro Organism Risks
The ‘micro-organism’ pictogram is to be used when the glove conforms to at least a performance level 2 for the Penetration test.

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