Rayza RX546


A polyurethane coated glove constructed on an anatomic profile ensures the exceptionally comfortable RAYZA RX546 liner creates a special glove for tasks requiring maximum cut resistance and dexterity.

With the fingertips cut and sealed at point of manufacture, this glove offers exceptional sensitivity, making it ideal for precision applications in dry environments.

By combining the best Japanese HPPE with glass fibre, both of which have a high strength-to-weight ratio as well as nylon, outstanding cut resistance is achieved without increasing the bulk or weight. The specially sourced glass fibre is made from a higher strength fibre than normal, producing enhanced abrasion resistance and an increase of 40% in tensile strength. Not only cut resistant, the highly breathable liner incorporates anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties that ensure the wearer is protected in comfort all day, every day..

Code: RX546


Available Sizes

6/XS – 11/XXL

Glove Width


Glove Length


Palm Coating



Seamless Super Grade High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) with Glass Fibre, Nylon and Spandex


Excellent for dry and slightly oily applications

Qty :
  • High quality Japanese HPPE
  • Excellent for dry applications.
  • Resistant to oils and greases.
  • Fingertips cut and sealed at point of manufacture.
  • Offers incredible fingertip precision.
  • Seamless liner with anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance.
  • High filament count for enhanced dexterity and softer feel.
  • Breathable back.
  • Continuous filament ensures low lint.
  • Washable.



EN388:2003-Mechanical Hazards
Protection against mechanical hazards in respect of physical and mechanical stress caused by abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture.

4 = Abrasion (Performance Index 1-4)
5 = Blade Cut* (Performance Index 1-5)
4 = Tear (Performance Index 1-4)
3 = Puncture (Performance Index 1-4)


Where 1 indicates the lowest performance. X that the test was not performed or not possible. A 0 rating indicates that during the test level 1 was not reached.


*Gloves should not be used when working with serrated blades.

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