MaxGrab GT540


With the awesome grip power of the Grafta MaxGrab GT540, manual handling becomes so much easier. The combination of the patented palm coating and a liner made from a special blend of Spandex and polycotton ensures the glove offers virtually unparalleled comfort and wet and dry grip capability.

The soft, secure fit of the close fitting liner providing a secure, soft fit, and the flexibility of natural rubber coalesce to create an ergonomic masterpiece that guarantees your hands will be comfortable all day long. With excellent abrasion and tear resistant properties, the MaxGrab will make light work of all your dry handling tasks

Code: GT540


Available Sizes

8/M – 10/XL


Natural Rubber

Glove Width


Glove Length


Qty :
  • Unique patented MaxGrab grip pattern for exceptional grip
  • Extremely flexible coating due to special construction
  • Super comfortable stretchable lining
  • Ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue
  • Extra durable coating for increased longevity
  • Breathable open back
  • Solvent free manufacturing process



EN388 – Mechanical Hazards
Protection against mechanical hazards in respect of physical and mechanical stress caused by abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture.

3 = Abrasion (Performance Index 1-4)
1 = Blade Cut* (Performance Index 1-5)
4 = Tear (Performance Index 1-4)
2 = Puncture (Performance Index 1-4)


Note: where 1 is the lowest and X indicates no rating


*Gloves should not be used when working with serrated blades.

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