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Ketonix KT675 Lightweight unlined nitrile for aggressive solvents


The unique Ketonix gauntlet, made from a special nitrile formulation, has been successfully developed to provide protection against aggressive solvents.

Combining exceptional resistance to aromatic solvents such as toluene as well as ketones, including acetone and MEK, the Ketonix glove is a highly effective alternative to both butyl and fluoroelastomer hand protection, whilst offering enhanced dexterity and sensitivity. The lightweight, unlined design offers the wearer the ideal blend of comfort and reduced hand fatigue with ease of donning. An ideal for protection against solvents and ketones, the Ketonix must not be used with water or water-based solutions.

Acetone = > 120 minutes.
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) = > 480 minutes.

Code: KT675


Available Sizes

9/L – 11/XXL




0.28mm (+/-0.05mm)

Glove Length



Ideal for protection against solvents and ketones

Qty :
  • Excellent resistance to ketones and aromatic solvents
  • Unlined for ease of donning
  • Lightweight material for reduced hand fatigue
  • Non-textured palm
  • Anatomical shape for enhanced sensitivity
  • Offers good abrasion resistance


EN388:2003-Mechanical Hazards
Protection against mechanical hazards in respect of physical and mechanical stress caused by abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture.


2 = Abrasion (Performance Index 1-4)
0 = Blade Cut* (Performance Index 1-5)
0 = Tear (Performance Index 1-4)
1 = Puncture (Performance Index 1-4)


Where 1 indicates the lowest performance. X that the test was not performed or not possible. A 0 rating indicates that during the test level 1 was not reached.


*Gloves should not be used when working with serrated blades.



EN374-3 Chemical Hazards
Whether total immersion or merely splash is involved, any substance which would irritate, inflame or burn the skin is classed as a Chemical Hazard. The micro-organism pictogram can be used where the glove performs to at least level 2 for the permeation test i.e. Greater than 30 minutes. The European Norm covering the performance of Chemical Protective Gloves has been revised and is now identified as BSEN 374.2003. In order that a more informed and relevant glove selection can be made, a list of 12 chemicals, identified by the letters A to L, has been nominated and a manufacturer has to submit gloves to be tested against any 3 of these chemicals before approval is obtained.


Acetone (B) = Level 5 (>120 minutes)
Diethylamine (G) = Level 3 (>60 minutes)
Tetrahydrofuran (H) = Level 4 (>120 minutes)
n-Heptane (J) = Level 6 (>480 minutes)
Toluene(F) = Level 6 (>120 minutes)
Ethylacetate (I) = Level 6 (>240 minutes)
Xyene (*tested internally) = Level 5* (>240 minutes)
Methylene Chloride = Level 5 (>240 minutes)
Methyl Ethyl Ketone = Level 6 (>480 minutes)
Methyl Vinyl Ketone = Level 5 (>240 minutes)

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