Discover how glove washing contributes to increased self-protection

The current events have given gloves and hygiene a new relevance in many areas of life. The COVID-19 crisis has consumed almost all resources of disposable gloves masks and disinfectants, and prices have risen immeasurably.

Many employers are facing the question of how they will protect their employees in the future who can’t work from home.
At STALSEN, being a glove manufacturer, we are specifically focused on providing protection for the hands of people across a wide range of industries.

It should be considered that, in many working environments, the hands of operators are likely to be the most exposed area of the body to surface contact. Therefore, in areas where hand protection is required, gloves will be one of the most exposed items of equipment to surface contact.

We asked ourselves, how can we improve the housekeeping measures for gloves and, in turn, protect the employees resources?

Are you aware that some industrial gloves can be washed?

Clearly, some gloves are not suitable for washing due to either the nature of their construction or the quality of the raw materials used.

That’s why STALSEN gloves are only made from the very best raw materials available, including ‘Tsunooga’ from the Japanese yarn manufacturer, Toyobo. This means a number of Stalsen gloves are suitable for washing, ensuring clean gloves can be worn every day by operators.

An example of this is the STALSEN RX335 ‘Rayza’ glove, a cut resistant glove (level 3/index ‘B’) with polyurethane coating. This glove has been independently tested by SATRA in accordance with ISO15797 (industrial washing and finishing). The testing proved that after 7 washing cycles the glove’s integrity and capability to protect was unaffected.

This is yet another example of Stalsen quality and expertise. Our aim is to reduce hand injuries and thus increase employee protection. Both can be guaranteed with the right choice of equipment.

If you would like to find out more about glove washing, feel free to get in touch here. We’re happy to discuss your personal requirements in order to make the right choice and ensure maximum protection.

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