Patrick Tydeman

The New Normal

It seems somewhat unbelievable that we’re already in the month of June, approaching the halfway point of 2020…!
I would think there are others like me who have many different feelings as to the year so far. In one sense it has gone amazingly quickly but in another way, particularly during lockdown, time seemed to move slowly as we awaited a return to “normal life”.

Speaking of ‘lockdown’, it’s interesting to consider some of the new terminology that has become integrated into our everyday language; ‘new normal’, ‘social distancing’, ‘self-protection’ and many other phrases we now use so frequently as part of our daily conversations.

Another dimension, of course, is the use of ‘virtual’ methods of interaction. I don’t consider myself as old, but I have quickly realised that I need to cope with radical change, if STALSEN as a business and I personally as part of the team, are going to seize the moment to continue the drive for STALSEN to be the preferred partner in hand protection.

As a result, the team meetings that we have been having here at STALSEN in recent days and weeks have been incredible as we develop and implement plans for the ‘new normal’ in the world of hand protection. This month will see excellent progress made and we’ll be glad to share this with all current and prospective stakeholders very soon.

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning of the next chapter of the STALSEN journey and there are a whole lot more superb developments to be packed into this chapter over the coming weeks and months.

Hold tight, this journey’s getting exciting….!

Keep well, safe and keep winning.

Kind regards,
Patrick Tydeman



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