Considerate Constructors Scheme has awarded Sir Robert McAlpine’s 21 Moorfields site a ‘best practice’ recognition for their hand protection programme that was designed in partnership with STALSEN.

Our hand protection programme begins with one vision, to make hand injuries history.

At STALSEN, we start with the challenge, not with the glove.  We work collaboratively with our construction partners on-site to identify the root cause of hand injuries, then develop and supply specific gloves to solve the issues. Alongside implementation of the gloves, we provide resources to communicate and educate the wearers, from posters and site entrance boards to toolbox talks.  For us, continuous review is critical and the only way to measure the effectiveness of the programme.

The programme is designed to be cyclical so that as projects develop and needs change, whether it be in risk levels or subcontractor activity, the cycle renews, and wearers are constantly protected.  

It is the first of its kind to be run in the UK, so to be recognised as ‘best practice’ so quickly really reinforces the power and effectiveness of the programme.

To find out more about our hand protection programme, or to discuss solutions to reduce hand injuries, please contact Khardine Fox ( or call +44 (0) 203 5000 723.



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